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21 setembro 2022

Stylish bags: How to combine the accessory with clothing and occasion?

Women's Quilted Chains Baguette Bags In Vegan Leather

Fashion has its various ways of expression and the most used since the 80's, by influences from music and clothing styles, Indie fashion is the one that every year or decades has been growing, revolutionizing and making this segment very important to show the personality and creativity of those who seek independence when comcomming the visual.

Women's Slouchy Leather Baguette Bags

But how to have a reference of this style of fashion to get inspired? You just need to "be you" and wear clothes and accessories that match your personality and make your style more striking, where everyone will look at you for that outfit or accessory and remember you!

Women's Wheel Lock Flap Baguette Bags In Genuine Leather

To perfectly match your style of clothing, nothing better than your companion of all occasions. Baguette bags are part of our daily lives because they are very useful, keeping such important items and also by complementing, as a fashion accessory, our style. The bags in more neutral colors, perfectly match various types of occasions and events.

Women's Rainbow Rhinestone Evening Clutch

And for those who like different bags, unconventional, full of glitter and nothing basic, the colorful ones are in fashion and every blogger loves them. They can match different styles and occasions, parties during the day and night as well.

Women's Rhinestones Cup Of Ice Cream Evening Clutch

For those who like a more alternative style, the themed and very creative bags attract a lot of attention, and are increasingly popular with female audiences. There are bags of all sizes and shapes, with various types of fabrics and materials, which will match your preference. I loved the bag with ice cream, a jovial piece, that perfectly matches a casual occasion.

Women's Large Sequins Pearls Evening Hand Clutch Bags

And to close with a hint of gold, nothing more fair than a purse with sequins and pearls to leave that party at night, much more beautiful and memorable. The women´s prom bags  with sparkles are accessories and synonymous with luxury, full of charm and femininity, which complement the look at night.

Now that you've met my handbag tips to complete your look, how about knowing a little more of these wonders of the And don't forget to leave your comment telling me what your favorite is.

Until the next post!

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