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02 fevereiro 2021

Wedding suits: Learn what to wear on their wedding day

The wedding is a very important party for the bride and groom. There is a lot of enthusiasm, especially from the bride when it comes to choosing the wedding dress and even the bridesmaids.

But what about the groom? Although most of the looks and the highlight of the wedding ceremony are the bride and her stunning dress, the groom also plays an important role in this big day and deserves an outfit that is at the height of the wedding dress.

Wedding suits attire should be in keeping with the groom's personality and the setting in which the ceremony will be held.

To get out of the traditional and formal black suit, most modern grooms like to use lighter colors for wedding ceremonies.

Whether day or night, blue, beige and white are among the favorites of the bride and groom and bring a lot of elegance and sophistication.

The groomsmen suit should also be defined by the couple in the planning of the ceremony. The only rule is to differentiate the groomsmen from the groom and the other wedding guests. For day weddings the most recommended is to use cooler and more comfortable colors.

In evening ceremonies, dark clothes are the favorites, especially at more traditional and formal parties.

And the most important tip is to plan these details in advance. Access allaboutsuit and get a 20USD discount with the code: new.

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