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21 janeiro 2021

Jackets and Cardigans: Meet the news of 2021

Fashion is always reinventing itself and with each new season we find the most varied styles of garments suitable for each person or occasion. Winter in particular is a season that requires warmer, more comfortable garments, which maintain their elegance, and which also enhance their silhouette on the coldest days of the year.

And how can we talk about cold and not mention the classic and indispensable jacket that is never missing in our wardrobe? Women who want to keep it feminine, stylish and casual look that matches any occasion, should bet on cheap jackets. Jackets make up any look and you can create incredible combinations to enjoy a day trip or that date with friends after work.

The jeans jacket is the most versatile and often found in both women's and men's wardrobes. This model of jacket is thinner and more used on days with milder temperatures and perfect for informal occasions, complementing a more charming look. 

Woolen jackets are also on the rise in winter 2021 fashion. The composition of delicate colours to give lightness and modernity in the look. 

If you like a more classic and cozy look to spend the coldest days, women´s cardigans are a great option. These long coats are more incorporeal and suitable to compose your style in winter. 

The style and length of your cardigan will depend on your style and depending on the temperature in using hotter pieces or not. 

Many designers have been inspired by traditional chess with warm colours in the total composition of this winter's look. 

For the minimalists, there are plenty of elegant options for inspiration. The use of long coats and even covers is on the rise and the minimalist pieces, with neutral tone colours are triumphant. 

And have you decided what your inspiration will be this autumn and winter of prestarrs
Leave your comment and tell me which is your favorite.

And until the next post. 

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