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22 setembro 2020

Fashion Trends in Autumn/Winter 2020

Oversized Hooded Flap Pocket Plain Longline Coat

Fashion and its stylists are always wanting to innovate and surprise the public when it comes to beauty. Soon we thought of the cold Mayan seasons of the year, which is where we usually say it is the most beautiful and elegant time, in which people take off their most varied coats, especially, boot and even their scarf from the wardrobe to parade in the streets.

Plain Flat Velvet Criss Cross Round Toe Outdoor Flat Boots

Women's boots, for example, are quite sophisticated, sturdy, make any look more beautiful, they protect from the cold and are considered one of the most timeless pieces in a closet.

Distressed Plain Round Toe Boots

No one knows for sure, but the boots have a long history in humanity. There's a lot of history about the origin of the first shoes that arise even before Christ, which was widely used by men and bespoke. They used it in hunting, in combat and especially for those who traveled long distances  and needed sturdy footwear that would withstand any type of soil or temperature.

Vintage Women Patchwork Round Toe Side Zipper Boots

And needed sturdy footwear that would withstand any type of soil or temperature. In the 1930s this type of footwear was already very successful and was also used by women. It is a classic footwear and with numerous versions, from high-top, medium, low boots, with high heels, thin, platforms, turns, minimalists, sexy, cowboy or even more elegant and luxurious.

Lapel Longline Plain Pocket Woolen Coat

And when we talk about style and elegance in the cold, we can't leave out the amazing long coats for women. These long coats, for thicker fabrics, originated in Europe many centuries ago and just like shoes and boots, they were used by men who used to perform outdoor activities or that they were going to war, for example.

Hooded Fur Collar Plain Coat

The coat must be useful, in addition to protecting from low temperatures. But shortly after the Second World War, this type of coat began to be worn by women and was thus adapted, making them more elegant, with more delicate and beautiful details.

Classical Lapel Double Breasted Plain Swing Woolen Coats

These pieces are on the rise in the fall - winter of 2020. And it's time to take advantage of these tips that you only find in Berrylook and meets all preferences and audiences, because no matter how many centuries these pieces exist, they will always make you more stylish and well heated.

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