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25 maio 2020

Vintage shoes: Power in the feet

The vintage fashion style consists of recovering the biggest trends in certain eras. It means something classic, very old and quality. This fashion is present in furniture, clothing, accessories and even in vintage shoes.

Women's wear casual Flat slippers

Vintage shoes were very successful in the 1950s with movie stars Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn which were also icons and are symbols of beauty to this day.

Flat shoes were widely used by girls and young women who did not lack style and comfort at the time. Actress Audrey Hepburn was one of those responsible for making this type of shoe very popular in its time and even today we find it available on the catwalks.

Women's comfortable flat round toe sandals

With the popularity of flat and closed shoes, at the same time minimalist sandals  began to appear with part of the fingers. 

Actress Elizabeth Taylor also greatly influenced vintage fashion with her gorgeous long dresses, to attend the parties and elegant dinners, were discreet shoes, but with high heels to lengthen his silhouette.

Openwork colorblock high-heeled sandals

This type of high and thin shoe, became sex-appeal to those who adhered to this fashion. And could not fail to quote the biggest icon and sex symbol who wore high heels and is a reference until today to many women.

Actress Marilyn Monroe wore beautiful high-heeled shoes and they became accepted into society. There were some with thin beak, round and square.

Women's stylish and comfortable wedge slippers

Even the housewives adhered to fashion and their favorite sandals were with thicker high heels, platform style, with ties or buckles that made it more feminine and delicate.

Women's flat Lace Up Sneakers

And then there are oxford-style shoes, which are very stylish and comfort-pleasing.

Shoes take the role of objects of desire for women and some men have it as a fetish. They value the woman's body and complement each other in style. Each season with its cultural value and shoe lovers can find yours at

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