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02 fevereiro 2020

Fashionable long dresses
Cheap long dresses are a great choice and a very versatile piece that allows many interesting combinations, that has no error to use on the most diverse possible occasions. And no matter how long you spend, you're still a darling of the world's wardrobes.

Women Elegant Round Neck Half Sleeve Patchwork Lace Long Evening Dress
In ancient times, located in the rich part of society of the great European capitals, they were a synonym for power and beauty, where men and women wore the same kind of tunic and over the years has become the one we see these days, made by artisans of the time, in the mid-1800s, even the first being super heavy and uncomfortable, full of layers, corsets and frames. The purpose of it was to distinguish women's and men's clothing. The first Atelier in Paris was created in 1858 by Charles Fréderic Worth.

Autumn And Winter Fashion Dress Bag Hip Skirt Professional Style Bodycon Dress

The dresses are basically defined by 3 elements: Neckline, skirt and silhouette of the most diverse models. But surely the neckline is the detail that gives that touch too much in the piece.

Chic Deep V-neck Plain Cap Sleeve Maxi Dress

For example, dresses with necklines are a symbol of femininity and delicacy, which have slightly more open straps on the shoulders and lightly dug neckline.

There are also long dresses with straight necklines, defined by the absence of necklines leaving the lap more discreetly. The neckline line may vary in straightor curve, flattening or giving more volume to the region.

Another type is shoulder to shoulder, which is straight and going from shoulder to shoulder, as the name itself says, they have sleeves, both long and fulfilled, and may vary their cleavage with or without ruffles.

High Neck Slit Pocket Printed Shift Dress

Speaking still in neckline, or rather, the lack of it in this case, going against the match of the others, there are the dresses with high collar, which lengthen the look, creating an extended view of head to toe, covering the entire top.

And what types of long dresses do you like the most? In the store you find the most beautiful and versatile models so you don't miss when it comes to putting together that awesome look.

So, waiting for what? Run now and check out these wonderful cheap clothes for women, you won't regret it.

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