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08 janeiro 2020


Every woman wants to feel pretty, elegant and on the latest trends, and using the evolutions of the technology it's every time easier to buy our own stuff without move from our home to the stores.

Sexy V Neck Pure Color Blouses

No matter what the weather is to be in a good look is always very important and for this we have a lot of options of sexy tops for women to choose to rock the day since the High Collars Sweaters to protect the neck in the cold winter and Autumn, something basic like Round Necks with short sleeves to the hot summer days 'til sexys and casuals V Necks Blouses to the spring. Every season have and deserves the best look.

Round Neck Colouring Casual Sweater

We can't forget the Cute Dresses, long ones, short, different models, styles and colors. Talking about colors, those will be on the rise in the next summer 2019/2020 are Orange, that is a great color associated to the warm days and combines a lot with pink acessories or details on the clothes. 
Neo Mint, is already considered the official color of the Summer 2020, is a versatile color combine with everything, allows a lot of combinations giving you wings to your imagination and criativity. 

Green and blue are also big bets for this year and represent nature. If you like to keep up with all the trends in the fashion world, you should know which are the coldest days, you can also make a beautiful combination with your clothes and with the colors of the moment.

These two shades represent the serenity, comfort and the many shades available when it comes to complementing your look for any kind of occurrence without exaggeration.

Sweet Round Neck Casual Printed Dress

And when we talk about nature, we can not forget the floral patterns and other natural products that represent the theme. Revering nature in the fashion world is very important to underline its importance in our lives and LUVYLE is an expert when it comes to fashion and knows very well what it means about your clothes.

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