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28 novembro 2019

Dresses and fashion colors


The dress models for the year-end celebrations are more elegant, with strong colors, full of life, but there are those who prefer more discreet pieces or with more neutral colors as well. For each occasion and environment, it is necessary to be dressed and ready for any unforeseen and so I made this list of dresses with colors that are fashionable, from the simplest model to the most sophisticated and that can please everyone. Below are some combinations of colors and cute dresses models that can make your style:

Sexy Round Neck Batwing Mini Bodycon Dress

To begin with this list, it is fair to cite the dresses with neutral, light and graceful colors that are the face of those who want comfort and beauty. Amid so many bold colors, neutrals are present to balance the combinations. In white, no one misses.

Round Neck Patch Pocket Plain Shift Dress

Pink is a strong, modern and cheerful color that brings more personality to the look. It is ideal for use at informal parties by attracting a lot of attention.

Round Neck Color Block Maxi Dress

Yellow is a warm, cheerful color that has everything to do with fun. Its various shades makes it easy to choose a piece in yellow color that matches your skin color and your personality. Animal print is also on the rise and are the face of spring/summer.

Round Neck Plain Bodycon Dress

Orange brings charm and elegance to the look in this tendenness. Also with various shades, it is possible to make interesting combinations with other strong colors.

V-Neck Plain Bodycon Dress

Purple is a color that conveys romanticism, joviality and femininity. It is a modern color, which combines with many other colors and maintains the discreet look.

V-Neck Plain Maxi Dress

And my favorite is this shade of green, which conveys a softness and freshness in the look. Because it is clearer, it becomes a neutral color that allows you to make several fun combinations, even with stronger colors.

Did you like the color and cheap clothing suggestions I left here? Leave your comment and tell me what your favorite is.

See you next post.

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