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01 setembro 2019

Join a Dark Gothic Prom

Adeline sits in front of the mirror wearing her Black skirt. Every element of her room is Gothic. The curtains in the room are black: the shades are dark. A portrait of the old castle at night adorns her room. She had painted it a year ago. There is a quote spray-painted on her wall- Drown in the Darkness.  

The invitation for the Prom lay in her hand. The theme is Gothic. She loves it, though it doesn't show in her expression. There would be a gothic dance; the waltz would be gothic. She needs the perfect dress for the Prom.

The Gothic Prom
The invitation says in the quote- THE ROMANCE OF THE FOREST. The venue is the old castle behind the school in the little forest. She is excited. She had gone there the day before. 

It seemed a perfect place for a gothic party. A narrow winding
path led to the castle. On the entrance, it had the same words as that in the invitation. The velvety drapes carried the words. The opening brought out the soothing element of fear.

Black and Purple drapes smoothly fell from the ceiling inside.
The shades were dark. No pink and no whites. There is blood on the walls. It was only for those who could find pleasure in terror.

Adeline could imagine herself waltz to the music. She loved the idea of immersing in Gothic Dance. Gothic music in the background, she was lost in the imagination of being in the darkness of the high ceiling castles. Adeline had seen this in her dreams. She had painted the castle.

Adeline opens her sketch diary. She has never shown it to anyone. She is a true gothic girl. She wants to understand the clothing characteristics of her idol- RankoKanzaki. Adeline has sketched Ranko in all her Gothic dresses .

Adeline sees her image in Ranko. Ranko is gothic, but she has no horror inside her. Behind the larger than life image, Ranko has a shy little girl who is as healthy as any other girl of her age. She doesn' t allow the world to see through her. Ranko is a gothic angel with magical powers.

Ranko is young. She has wildest of imaginations. In spite of all her greatness, she keeps her real personality hidden in some dark corner. Ranko likes wearing Lolita Gothic dresses. The dresses are dark: her make-up is dark. Her hair highlighted. Sometimes, she also loves wearing shades of violet and dark red. Adeline likes the black dress. It comes with Bows, Tiered, and Drawstrings. Few more embellishments and she would be like a gothic princess.

Clothing characteristic for the gothic Prom
The gothic dressing isn't similar to other fancy dresses for a party. The Gothic Clothing characteristic should reflect the Gothic feeling and fit into the dark surrounding subtly. Gothic isn't about just being you or being cute or sweet. It is about keeping a lot for imagination and looking stunningly gorgeous.

Fortunately, it isn't challenging picking up a gothic dress for Prom. It has to be comfortable, should accentuate your inner rebel and allow your body to groove to the waltz.

Black is the safest option a gothic can also choose dark shades of red and violet. Begin with a black Bat Collar shirts with long sleeves are a fashionable gothic girl dress for any party. But, perhaps a gothic wouldn't want to walk into a gothic prom looking like five others at the party. The material for the cloth is silk, chiffon and leather.

She wears Black bell skirts; she wears Black Jump skirts. There are a lot of black skirts anddresses in her closet. A gothic girl wears Bell-shaped petticoats for a party though waltzing could be difficult. Purple hair is in fashion, which perhaps is the most famous Gothic color. One can also choose any other color. Bold the color better is the statement. The themes are dark roses and abandoned castles, etc. Darks shade with metals works for the headwear.

Finally, black lips, black nails are almost mandatory. Many of them also prefer dark shades of red. Besides, a gothic girl should wear a lot of metals. Though, one shouldn't go over the top for a prom party . Unlike light-colored made to attract others, gothic dresses are statements. It is not about beings overtly sweet and cute.

Adeline's choice for the Prom
Adeline chose a gothic dress with dovetail lace with button rows in front. She paired it up with metal studded, robust platform, long finger bone heels with lace. The black leather shoes with more than 20 rows of lace and three horizontal belts make for a great combination. The metal spikes behind make it entirely gothic. She painted her nails and lips black and wore black eyeliners.

She wore nothing on her head. She had her green highlights. Finally, the black leather bag with a metal skull completed her look. She looked in the mirror and felt good at what she sought.

The Real Gothic girl
Being a gothic girl isn't about being dark and gloomy. It is an expression of a deep inner feeling. She knows how to look at the brighter side of life. She loves her gothic music . She loves her black shades. Maybe she isn't pink and white, but she is as real as she gets. A gothic girl is sometimes shy. She is gifted. She does what she feels. She savors the darkness. You can't merely look at her and know everything. She has a world hidden from the rest of the world. And, most importantly, when she walks out into the world outside, she ensures that all the eyes fell on her. A gothic girl is gorgeous.

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