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by - agosto 26, 2019

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About 4,000 a. C, in ancient Egypt, Babylon, and Greece, the world's first tiaras appeared. This accessory, well known for securing and protecting hair, was made of leather and fabric, widely used by men who possessed some position of power.

Florence Crystal Bridal Tiara

After the tiara was becoming a more sophisticated female beauty accessory AW Bridal®, made from gold and silver to make the princesses more attractive at that time. Of gold or silver yarn the pieces have gained other shapes and gems such as Ruby, Diamond, pearls or Crystals To adore the woman's head and hair even more.

Dana Crystal Floral Branches Bridal Tiara

The use of AW Bridal Tiaras is very common to be used by women who will marry and young people in celebrating their 15 and 16 years to look like princesses. And this tradition arose in Rome, where the brides wore a beautiful tiara made with flowers, that symboled their innocence and purity.

Beautiful Handmade Bridal Tiara, wedding,Gold green Crystal, Swarovski,Prom,princess crown, wedding Tiara,Bridal crown.
In the Middle Ages the tiaras, as well as the crowns were used by noble women to symbolize all their social power. ETSY Personal Made are elegant pieces, luxurious and full of gems that would draw a lot of attention.

Carole Vintage Beaded Crystal Tiara
In the years 60 the tiara went through another transformation and it was time for the hippie style to adhere to the accessory. With simpler details, they imitated leaves or flowers and inspired by nature. The tiaras in this style are widely used by women to spruce up their hair, regardless of the occasion. Becoming a very authentic fashion accessory.

The Davids Bridal ® USA Tiaras are elegant, full of brilliance and luxury. The most desired by brides who intend to match her hairstyle of the big day with a beautiful tiara. Marriage is a unique occasion that deserves a special accessory that suits your day and your personality.

Marquise and Solitaire Cluster Tiara

Crowns, tiaras, scarves and ribbons are present in the style of modern girls who are always attentive to the AW bridal  Review and bring to the streets this timeless accessory that makes the look much more feminine and delicate. What do you think of this accessory?

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