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22 julho 2019


Women are always on the inside of everything that happens in the fashion world and know what their style is and adapting those novelties to it makes you look become current and define who you are. I love to keep track of the latest trends and create a wish list to enjoy every season of the year. Check out some products from my list below:

Round Neck Print Short Sleeve T-Shirts

Who doesn't love wearing modern T-shirts and cute cat designs? I have a cat like this and it was love at first sight of this T-shirt. With a basic and casual style, you can use it in a variety of environments and the color by being neutral combines with more intense or lighter color clothing.

Open Shoulder V Neck Hollow Out Plain T-Shirts

And for the list of sexy tops for women I leave the shirt open shoulders and a beautiful V-neck. That shirt is perfect for going out and partying at night.

To keep the style in cold days, nothing beats a simple blazer to keep the style. The women's blazer is a versatile piece that you can't miss in my wardrobe. Perfect for use in work with social clothing and can also wear with a jeans and go to HAPPY HOUR with friends.

Round Neck Tassel Lace Plain Casual Dresses

And casual dresses for women could not fail to be on this list. The short dresses, of lighter colors, boho chic style, with lace details, more delicate and romantic fabric are my favorites to enjoy the summer.

Round Neck Floral Sleeveless Bodycon Dresses

To enjoy the holidays in spring and summer that require a more elegant look, the floral dresses, straight cut and no neckline are my favorites. This style of floral dress is classic, beautiful and blends well with a wedding party.

In workplaces you are allowed to wear dresses, as long as they are suitable for the environment. This model of comfortable, modelling dress that values the silhouette and length below the knees, The MIDI style is perfect for keeping our style and beauty in a place that requires our best.

These are some of the garments that are on my wishlist and all of you are available on the LUVYLE website.

Leave in the comments what you thought of my list and which ones you would use as well.

Until the next post!

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