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17 abril 2019

Voogueme - Fashion Glasses 2019

In addition to protecting our vision, the glasses can express our personality, our identity and aesthetics. And trends of 2019 glasses frames online are the greatest desires of those who like or need to use glasses daily. Check out:

The models that are up this year is definitely the cat's eye model that has as main characteristic the greatest tips that resemble the look of feline, this type of glasses lifts the look of the wearer. Is a classic model that arose betweenthe years 50-60 and is gaining newforms, sizes and colors.

Today there is the classical models and the more detailed. You find online glasses with brightness, strong colors, stones and minimalist details that add value to your eyes.

These glasses were consecrated by celebrities like Marilyn Monroe's, that was a big Hollywood star and loved being in fashion.

The vintage fashion appeals to all women regardless of being in the sunor prescription glasses online. This model of sunglasses was evolving and won several formats. Some have become more round, square, triangular and with lenses less and more delicate.

These models of glasses always renewand worth investing. The classical models that are still being used are round and pointed. And the best option for anyone who likes eyeglasses, use the containing rocks, glares and strong colors, but if you prefer a more discreet, choose the containing metal frame or dark, these models design and value your face.

And besides eyeglasses, and colored frames, you can also enjoy and buyglasses with lenses of another color. Colored lenses are increasingly popularand can be used as solid colors, perfect for a summer's day or gradient effect that is great for those who use eyeglasses. To choose the color of your lenses is good to know that each has a percentage of blocking sunlight to protect your eyes, why it is important to know what is best for your daily needs.

Do you know which one to use? You can buy a glasses at www.voogueme.com and earn 50% off buying another.

9 comentários:

  1. Uso óculos há bastante tempo.. Tenho pena de ter a face muito pequena para usar esse tipo de óculos.. Pois são lindos.

    Beijinhos, Swiissyy

  2. Muito estilosos esses óculos,adorei todos os modelos

  3. Sabe o que é olhar e desejar cada um? Sou eu neste momento!

  4. Os modelos dos óculo são lindos e são bem estilosos, são modelos que faz a gente se apaixonar eu amei todos, uma graça, bjs.

  5. oi!
    Eu adorei os óculos da voogueme :) são lindos e com o preço super acessível.

  6. Amei principalmente os com pedrinhas,não sei se usaria por ser este estilo gatinho mais são perfeitos.

  7. Que estilosos. amei demais, já quero!

  8. I love these glasses. Glasses are so elegant.

    Beijos Kiss,
    Blog Oh My Kiss | ohmykiss.com