How to choose the perfect sunglasses for you ?

by - abril 26, 2019

Sunglasses are a fashion accessory that we already know, but do you know how to choose the right model for your face shape? Choose a correct frame is not always a very easy task and so I made a selection of Sunglasses for women and tips for combining the accessory with the shape of your face. Check out:

Round Face

Davenport Square Black Sunglasses 

The round face has a few angles, with a small, rounded chin and forehead. This type of face combines with geometric, square and rectangular frames. Always choose models that are wider than tall, to balance facial proportions.

Square Face

Martha Cat Eye Pink Tortoise Glasses

The square face has the well-marked jaw region, chin and the sides of the wider face and forehead line is almost straight. To balance this type of face is shown in buy glasses at Zeelool with soft curves, a great example is the cat's eye.

Long Face

Odom Round Black-Crystal Sunglasses 

This type of face is narrower on the sides and has a greater distance between the forehead and chin. Ideal glasses models for this face shape are round and oval, because they have presented on the sides and soften in their length.

The triangular face is wider at the top, with the color brown and sharpens at the bottom. It looks like an inverted triangle. To harmonize this type of face, use larger glasses and round and oval shapes, such as aviator models.

The oval face suits most models of glasses. The length of the face is slightly larger than the width, the chin is a little rounded and the side wider. And the forehead is wider than the jaw. This face format combines rectangular and even more oval models. Use what you like.

And in order to avoid mistakes in the choice of glasses model, it is necessary to take into account other important factors like:

Nose - Choose a glasses that suits the shape of the nose, those that have a bow, curve or a more rounded shape, so as not to hurt the region.

Eyebrows - The frame is meant to support the lenses, but also be a frame for our face. So choose a model that does not cover the eyebrows, the shape of the glasses should accompany your outline.

Side of the face - Note if the frame is touching the sides of the face, this should not happen. This can leave marks on the face and does not offer a good aesthetic.

Make a good purchase - And to enjoy your purchase, research the model of glasses ideal for the shape of your face according to the above tips, compare prices, store reputation and enjoy the Zeelool Coupon. Nothing better than making a good deal and earning discounts on online shopping.

Now that you know which glasses suits you and where to buy, tell me in the comments what your favorite model is.

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