Learn to match your skirt with sandal

by - março 30, 2019

It is very important to know how to do the combination of your skirt and the kind of shoes you're wearing. Flowy skirts are democratic parts that match various occasions and styles, but to hit the combination of a skirt and sandals It's better to pay attention to settle on their choices. So I leave here some tips:

Long skirts are the most versatile and should not be missing in the female wardrobe. This type of leave can be used for various occasions and combines with high heels, sandals, flats and even with shoes and boots. If you plan to go to a formal party or work with this type of skirt, the ideal is to use sandals with highheels or a closed shoes and no heel, either way you will be well dressed, combining the skirt with the footwear you will be very elegant. And for casual days, trips and parties, you can use open sandals, with stronger colors that the color of the skirt or if you prefer, a beautiful heel sandals. Anyway going to be beautiful and modern. 

1- Decorative Button Plain Skirts  2- Fashion Geometric Printing Thin High Heel Sandals 3- Casual Microfiber Leather Wedge Heel Magic Tape Sandals Woman Shoes

For those who like boldness, the sexy sandals completed the look. Pencil skirts value the feminine silhouette, let your legs to shows and matches perfectly with sandals and heels. So skirts are versatile and timeless that can be used by any woman and a tip touse and hit to wear skirts more fair, make use of more loose-fitting t-shirts and vice versa. Use pencil skirt let visual more sexy and young. Also combines with big boots and jump boots, perfect for casual occasions or colder days.

And for those who like a more basic and natural style. The Boho fashion uses many details reminiscent of the nature, and the Brown is very present in these parts. The long skirt combines with sandals without heel "feet on the ground" and with elements that collaborate with the rustic. For a basic composition like this, just use long pieces, straight, with little volume and very comfortable. 

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