Handbags: Learn about the latest trends 2019

by - janeiro 07, 2019

The use of handbags are no longer exclusive to a special occasion and are already part of the fashion accessories that all women like to use daily. The handbag greatly influences the look and can tell a lot about a woman. Therefore we must know how to choose a piece according to our style, occasion and that meets all our needs. A woman's handbag has to be beautiful and useful, only then will it be perfect. Check out some tips to avoid making mistakes and take advantage of your bag model:

Black Tote Bag

Black Soft Leather

The Black Tote Bag matches everything and never goes out of style. A black bag matches any color and various styles. The modern woman loves these types of handbags for serving in the work routine and because being a neutral color makes it easy to change clothes and when to hit the combination.

Large bags with reinforced weight-bearing straps are perfect for those who like to carry many items. The Vertical deer bag is modern and perfect for school or to go out at night. Transparent pieces are fashionable and this type of handbag is the face of summer. And since black is timeless, there's nothing better than going to an elegant party by taking your documents and basic items in your hands with a beautiful Black Star.

Leather Tote

Green/   Blue/  MaroonRed

Green, Blue, Brown and Red are the colors for Spring / Summer 2019. Bright colors in cheerful tones lead us to create fun and very creative combinations. Colorful accessories like these bags require a combination of more neutral clothes, careful not to overdo the colors.

These are the colors and models of handbags that are influencing the baginning.com Website. There you find all the trends, buy safely and win free shipping worldwide. Have fun and buy the best collections of the year!

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