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by - dezembro 13, 2018

End of the year is a time of reflection where many people think about what they did in their achievements or losses this year and begins to create a list of projects for the coming year; on the promises of the beginning of the year and still have to worry about the Christmas presents and that incredible party that can not miss. A woman does not miss a chance to show off her beauty at a New Year's Eve party, be it on the beach, at home, or in a ballroom. The date should be celebrated and we deserve a very special dress for the occasion.

The Evening dresses are glamorous pieces that enhance a woman's beauty on any occasion. Women love to attend parties, carefully plan and choose the dress they will wear. Everyone wants to show off in a wonderful, elegant dress that enhances their silhouette, draws everyone's attention around them and stands out in the photographs between family and friends.

Being dressed according to the occasion is very important to have a memorable evening and at Christmas and New Year's Eve there are always great parties, beautiful people and well-behaved people. And the doubts begin about which dress she will wear, what are the colors of fashion and what will have the best fit on her body. To help you in the perfect choice I selected some models of ever-pretty evening dresses to inspire:

These beautiful dresses have a lot of shine, are more elaborate and perfect for New Year's Eve. Long dresses are perfect for more formal events such as wedding and graduation. For sure you will look more elegant and sensual in the right way!

Red is fashionable and these models of dresses can be worn during parties at night and during the day as well. This color represents Christmas and LOVE a lot. It is widely used in Brazil to give luck to anyone planning to start 2019 in a romance or with more love. End of the year is summer here and these dresses with detail necklines are perfect to take advantage of the occasion and the length of the long skirt provides more comfort for those who wear it.

For those who like to wear dresses on cooler or rainy nights, there are evening dresses with sleeves. To make them prettier, the details of lace-up sleeves and their necklines add value to the woman's shoulders and arms. The income is much used at the holidays, leaves a more delicate and romantic appearance.

And in this list of dresses could not miss the lighter tones, such as white. On the last day of the year, it is very common for people to wear white clothes in Brazil, waiting for the following year with much peace and tranquility.

At this time the important thing is to celebrate with who we love, wearing comfortable and beautiful clothes so that we can record this special moment eternally. That's why I point out these gorgeous ever-pretty.com dresses because you deserve the best.

Did you like the tips? Tell me what your favorite in the comments.

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  1. oi!
    Que dica otima dica :D os vestidos são maravilhosos, um mais lindo que o outro

  2. Adorei os modelos. Um mais lindo que o outro.

  3. Oiiiii,
    eu gosto dos tons mais claros e alguns mais florais rsrs, essa listinha de vestido ta muito boa e o tom vermelho também é lindo demais, todos são *-----*